Board of Trustees

Naseem A. Talukdar

Founder, Trustee & CEO

Moslek Uddin Trustee

Appointed Head of WSM Team

Asem Din Trustee Appointed Head of Finance &Goverance

Janice Hale Temp Trustee Appointed Head of Food

Gary Webber Trustee

Operations & Logistics

Shada Nasrullah Trustee

Appointed Head of Walks

Management Team

Admin/Marketing/Social Guru

Charlotte Swinnerton

                                    Feed the Homeless: Weston Super Mare

Please Contact our local point of contact.

Heidi Griffin or Moslek Uddin for more information on Feed The Homeless WSM acitivity.

Please check out the FB page for latest news.



                                   Feed the Homeless: University of Bristol

Welcome to UoB FeedTheHomeless Association! We’re a group of students at the University of Bristol supporting #feedthehomelessBRISTOL through volunteering, raising awareness and fundraising to help improve the lives of the homeless in our community.


President: Zoulikha Belblidia

Vice-President & Marketing Director : Maria Flores Rodero

Secretary:Rainha Passi

Treasurer:Nader Haddadin



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