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Christmas Appeal

Our Christmas appeal this year is going to focus on raising funds to allow "Trevor" the Foodbank to continue operating in the period following Christmas.  January, February and March usually sees the worst of the cold and wet weather and this is when most people will struggle the most financially. 

The Foodbank currently supports 100+ individuals every week providing basic essentials to allow people to make some basic meals at home.  The essentials do not include any luxuries.  We are often asked for Jam however our funds just do not spread that far. The most luxurious items we provide are a tin of tuna and a tin of meatballs. 

Each pack costs approx. £4 to supply.  We would like to raise enough money to support those 100+ people in January, February and March.  This means we need to raise £5000.  

A £4 donation will provide a food parcel,  a £12 donation will provide three food parcels, a £20 donation will provide 5 food parcels. 
Could you gift someone a weeks worth of basic essentials?  

Food Parcel

Since the coronavirus restrictions came into force in March last year our frontline support to rough sleepers has been integrated within a city-wide, multi-agency approach, that enables the distribution of hot nutritious meals and bottled water to the homeless and rough sleepers seven nights a week. 


Our volunteers are responsible for distributing the food and water every Friday and Sunday evening and supervising the operations when other charities distribute meals during the other 5 days a week. 


In addition to this we are also providing essential care packs to the homeless living in temporary housing on a weekly basis. These packs include vital hygiene provisions, dry food rations and, upon request, basic new clothing. Without the care packs, the beneficiaries would struggle to sustain themselves on one hot meal a day and would have little or no opportunity to access hygiene provisions to protect them from the virus.  


The people in the hotels are immensely grateful for our support as reflected in a recent survey.

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