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We are so fortunate to have very many friends within the wider community who provide their support for no other reason than that they too care about the vulnerable in our community and want to help meet their needs.  We dedicated this page to them as our small way of showing our gratitude.

Due to the pandemic we have had to make changes to the way we do things (pretty much like the rest of the world!!), to make sure we’re keeping our volunteers and our service users safe.  So, we’ve had to switch to a static distribution service in Champion Square instead of having teams of volunteers walking around the city centre handing out meals.  It’s meant that we’re able to feed more people in less time with fewer risks.   


If you would like to find out more, please feel free to take a look at our volunteer pages.  


Early Years Catering 

Brakes Portbury have supported the less fortunate in our city throughout the crisis, from delivering essentials to the hostels at the beginning of lockdown when supplies were very hard to source, throughout the crisis they have help source supplies for our essential care packs and today they have moved our supplies out of Ashton Gate into their warehouse to store until we need them.

Bristol Sport provided us with amazing support to help us feed and support the homeless who have been sheltering in temporary accommodation.

When we struggled to find storage and space to allow us to prepare emergency care packs, they stepped in quickly offered us space at Ashton Gate Stadium.  When they saw us struggling to transport the huge number of care packs in our private cars each week, they stepped up and donated one of their vans for us to use.  

When we were not around they took delivery of emergency supplies.  When we had a freezer emergency one night at Quakers, they stepped in and let us use their freezers to stop food going to waste.  Every single week, Rob and the rest of the security team have been around to help and support.

The emergency care packs have been a lifeline for those sheltering in temporary accommodation. Some feedback from a recent survey we sent outs, showed that:-
- 95% said the care packs had helped with Isolating.
- 70% rated the care packs as Excellent, 30% rated the care packs as Good.
- The favourite item in the care packs was the Pot Noodles
- 100% said that the volunteers had been polite and courteous

Thank you Bristol Sport for your help in supporting the less fortunate in our city during the crisis.


Hargreaves Lansdown who have supported the less fortunate in our city by donating fruit every week during the crisis. We have used the fruit in our essential care packs and it has been a big favourite and hugely popular. 

The Quakers have supported us for very many years, initially by agreeing to allow us to use their premises in Champion Square to prepare for our evening walks.  Over years this support has developed into a close working relationship, where we are afforded special considerations in terms of their longer term plans due to our shared goals to support those in need.   We became the Quakers building sole user five months during lockdown.  

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