Feed the homeless is made up of so many wonderful volunteers as well as a dedicated board of trustees. Our trustees work behind the scenes to make sure that the charity meets its core aim of feeding and supporting the homeless in the Bristol area.


Asem works behind the scenes, making sure the charity stays compliant and looks after the governance side of things. His role involves filing all the statutory accounts and reports which are submitted to the charity commission. Essentially, he ensures that the charity can continue to run and is working according to guidelines.


Asem's journey with Feed the Homeless started a few years ago when his wife started to cook for our friends on the street. Asem came out to hand out the meals and saw the impact the small act of handing out food had on the homeless community.


He was amazed at the varied people that he met, all with their own story to tell and from a variety of backgrounds. He could see how many wonderful volunteers were giving up their time and decided to look in to how his skills could be best used to support such an important cause.


Asem is an accountant in his professional life so it made sense that he should help out on the finance side of things. Asem's role as treasurer provides governance support to the board and he is a crucial part of the trustee team.


Gary was attending a trade fair when he heard about a charity called Kirstys Kids. He was inspired by this lady who had at the age of 18 travelled to the continent of Africa to help children. She tragically died in a car accident with her friend and her only possessions were 5 large boxes of letters from the orphans she had helped and a small box of personal things. A truely selfless individual.


This story inspired Gary to look for a local charity in which he could help the vulnerable and to give back. He started as a volunteer and now makes up one of the trustees. Your trustee board is made up of Shada, Janice, Gary and Asem.

Anyone who has met Gary will tell you about his beaming smile and that nothing is too much trouble for him. Often one to save the day at the last minute, Gary will often move mountains to ensure our friends on the street are well fed and looked after. You will find him at the square, chatting to our regular service users, asking if they need anything and just generally stopping for a chat to ensure that they have what they need.

Gary is also known for being a bit of a work horse and alongside his wife Jane they spend most of their weekends either making Gary's 'favourite' tuna sandwiches 😂 for our friends or helping out at the square. Definite #couplegoals in our opinion!  I know many of us volunteers are really inspired by Gary's dedication to his role and feel most privileged to have such an amazing mentor to learn form. 


Janice is a much loved trustee and our resident star baker. Known for her delicious baked goods (her crumble is legendary!) and dedication for providing the best meals, Janice is unrelenting in her commitment to the homeless of Bristol.


Janice's journey started after she went to handout some cake after a garden party. Initially apprehensive about approaching strangers, Janice quickly realised that there was nothing to worry about. She was met with such gratitude and respect and reminded that in fact we are all human and worthy of love and kindness. As for kindness and love Janice has it in bucket loads! With limitless enthusiasm and an altruistic outlook, nothing is too much trouble for this superwoman ❤️

Janice organises the volunteer rota, deals with the logistics of menus, co ordinates with other charities that we work with and is generally our oracle of knowledge.

All of our service users love Janice and have missed her smile during lockdown whilst she has been shielding. Never one to take a break, Janice spent her entire time baking and cooking up a delicious treat for our friends on the street. Janice is back now and the picture below is of her first day back, out with the team, doing what she loves.


Shada started working for feed the homeless after volunteering in Calais. Having spent time supporting the charities out there, she realised the power of grass root, volunteer led organisations.


Shada decided that she wanted to do more to support the vulnerable locally and so her journey with feed the homeless began. When Shada started, her role involved feeding a small amount of rough sleepers.


Over time she has been part of establishing a team that feeds over a hundred rough sleepers on any given night. Armed with her organisation skills, boundless energy and passion for delivering a high quality service, Shada is a woman of many talents. Good luck in ever catching this woman sitting down!


She is our pocket rocket of enthusiasm and no task is ever to big to stop her from delivering above and beyond.